Fly far away

I start off the post saying that I had an awful Estonian Online Poker Championship games. But am glad I have improved my live game. On another note – Good Bye Estonia, Hello Australia !We bought our tickets. We are leaving mid-April. And to finish off this short post – I really hope I have […]

It’s been 45 days…

Here I am, it’s 101018 and I feel like making a blog post. Not really a blog post, but a post of pictures… Band Shirt Day, some girls and Hüpassaare with my good old homies. I’ll let the pictures do the talking… See you later, alligator ! Maybe next time I feel like giving a […]

Intsikurmu 2k18

Since my bank account can’t let me be at every festival all the time (dreamjob ? :D), I had this one up on my list for half a year or so already. I knew I want to attend Intsikurmu this year. Not really because of the artists (because didn’t know them back then), but because […]

Võnge 2018

Poetic stages right in the middle of the nature, known and not-so-known (yet!) artists of great personality, both from Estonia and abroad… What I would like to say before I show you pictures and tell couple of words about the artists ? NOT enough food. Like really. It was a disappointment. I really LOVED the […]