100 FB Giveaways

Huge Facebook Giveaway ! No, not really… If they all joined together for the “Giveaway of all time”, well that would be something LEGENDARY ! 😛 Backstory Like some of you may have read. I decided to take part in ONE HUNDRED facebook share-like-comment giveaways. I am usually this kind of a guy who only […]

Buy and win

So last Friday I bought 2 Vitamin Well+, 3 Corny’s, 4 Magija curd snacks and some “serious” food. But listed those 3 because all of those have a giveaway. Buy, register, wait 😀 Yesterday I got a message that I won a block of VW+. Heh, nice (Y). But a note to my readers – I […]

Is Samsung S8+ any good ?

Samsung S8+ (zoomed in a lot for this shot and it still looks detailed…) Well-well-well… Two weeks ago I decided to take all my savings and go buy a phone. Considering I took the money I had saved for new camera, my number 1 rule was – this new phone must have an awesome camera. […]