Võnge 2018

Poetic stages right in the middle of the nature, known and not-so-known (yet!) artists of great personality, both from Estonia and abroad…

What I would like to say before I show you pictures and tell couple of words about the artists ?

NOT enough food. Like really. It was a disappointment.

I really LOVED the vibe of this festival. Free. Just enough amount of people. No random drunk people ruining the experience for everyone.

I enjoyed sitting down on Isle of Words. Wrote two poems there. Nice cool place.

I already wait for the Intsikurmu happening in one month time that I will attend. They actually seem a bit similar festivals. At least for me.

But now… Lets get into it…

I’d like to tell, that even though the programme was up before the festival, I didn’t listen any of the artists beforehand (yeah, I knew some before and even had heard some before), so they could surprise me.


Estonian own young Ed Sheeran. Not by the look, but the style of music. I can’t say that she impressed me, but I hope to see her live in like five years time to see where she have made as musician. Promising young “kid”.

4 AM

Fee and Maarja, a duo who have some style. Not some everyday random girls who can pass you on a street. You will see when they pass.

Daniel Lumbreras

This one was spot on. Amazing. Just amazing. Perfect artist for this kind of festival.

Steps to Synapse

Indie-pop group from Pärnu whose music I have always liked and they didn’t disappoint me. Very nice set once again.

EiK & Tanel Eiko Novikov

I have always known that EiK is amazing and he proved it again in a collab with Tanel, “Klassikatähed 2018” winner. Tanel is a percussion player and he gave the festival just the right atmosphere. Although I would had liked to hear EiK a bit more, I am glad I got to hear what I heard.

Holy Motors

Humble. Weird. Gravity. They seemed to gravitate through the time those 45min. I’m not sure I entirely liked their set, but I can’t say it was bad either. I suppose I need to hear them again to have a clear opinion on them.


Jaan Pehk. Orelipoiss. Who knows, they know. Classic. This man’s quality is never ending. You can sing along, you can laugh, you can feel the rhythm.

Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut

I like indie music in general, but sadly I must admit, I were disappointed. 🙁

Tõnis Mägi

This guy is a LEGEND. Standings ovations. He deserved ’em, he got ’em.


Artist, songwriter and producer from Norway I had not heard before, but who seems to be active for some five years by now. Electro-pop ? Something like that at least. A music genre I don’t like. But she was AMAZING. The organizers must have hit the jackpot with both of this years foreigner artists.

Rainer Ild

Rainer Ild and friends, not really a band called Rainer Ild, as Sven was missing 😉

Having heard them on radio quite some times, I didn’t hope much from this live. But it was a lot better than I expected.

Rasmus Rändvee

Not my type, sorry. But he have some amazing on stage style and he is a nice humble guy off the stage (from previous experience). But he must have been good as he got some nice crowd front of the stage.

Öömaja DJ’s

Sorry guys, have not heard you before and couldn’t this time either. Pärnu was waiting.

In general, I enjoyed the festival a lot and it’s not impossible that I visit it next year again.

Their homepage – vonge.ee/

And more pictures, to finish it off…

Keep an eye on my FB and IG, at some point I will post pictures (which were not shown on this blog post) there too 😉

Peace !

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