Is Samsung S8+ any good ?

Samsung S8+

(zoomed in a lot for this shot and it still looks detailed…)

Well-well-well… Two weeks ago I decided to take all my savings and go buy a phone. Considering I took the money I had saved for new camera, my number 1 rule was – this new phone must have an awesome camera. Decided between Huawei P10, iPhone 7+ and Samsung Galaxy S8+. I like how iPhone and Huawei look like, and am not into Samsung style that everyone cherish… But as I am an android person (yes, I have used iPhone) and Samsung has a killing-good camera, I went for this. I had quite many problems at first, but am used to it now and happy that I went for this phone.

Btw, answer for the title-question is YES 😉

Your Tea

Ooh how I love teas. Those who know me, know I love tea. I hate (hate is a strong word and actually people shouldn’t use it, but I really disgust the taste of coffee) coffee, but maybe I just haven’t got a good one. But yeah, tea, good, coffee, bad 😀

I bought Skin Magic Tea from

Why, you ask ? I have ordered it before too and I really felt that it helped a bit. Right now my face looks tens times better than it used to look like 2-3-4 years ago and thought why not try the tea again and maybe I can get it into even better shape 🙂

Also, there was some discount, got Tea Face practically for free. No idea how this works, but you have to put this weird stuff on your face. Weeeeeeird.

One more thing… I got a FREE gift 😀

Two tea bags that are actually coffee, or is it the other way around. No idea. But sounds good and will test them out at some point 🙂

All pictures which can be seen in this post (also the featured image) are made with my new phone…

One thing that may be interesting for Facebook giveaway creators and participants… I am planning to take part 100 like-share-comment giveaways (yeah, my FB feed will be ruined. I am not that kind of a guy who usually plays those games…) and post the results later on my blog. Hopefully will be able to mark down stats like: what page, what prize, how many participants, who won. Hopefully I will also get some wins 🙂

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