Nigula Nature Reserve

One of the oldest bog reserves in Estonia.

It’s a nature reserve situated in South-West of Estonia, in Häädemeeste and Saarde parishes of Pärnu County.

Saturday Morning

It’s 6:00, alarm goes off. Damn. Time to wake up. Bog awaits.

It was long planned actually. Like 2-3 months ago. The date was sure. Just the “crew” wasn’t certain. Eventually there were (counting dogs and a kid) nine of us.

Would have loved to see some animals or even a sunrise would have been great. But we have been unlucky with the weather almost every time 😀

But it was a nice morning walk.

After 9000 steps we were back next to our cars. Next stop: Latvia. Greeting to last and current government, specifically to current Minister of Health and Labour, Jevgeni Ossinovski. I’m not a fan of alcohol, but hey, it’s so much cheaper there so it would be weird not to buy being there.

Until next time, amigos ! 😉

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