Through June…

Since my last post in here, a lot have happened. Hundreds of pictures been taken…

Art at Alibi

Went to Alibi to see Amanda W. Kanervo exhibition opening. It’s still open and I recommend to check it out. She is an amazing artist.

Hip Hop

Considering Estonian Hip Hop Festival and Intsikurmu are on a same weekend this year, I had to make a decision. And as I went to EHHF last year and had Intsikurmu tickets bought already when EHHF announced their dates, I made my decision. But then, when BGM Management announced HipHop Suvetuur (Summertour) 2018, I knew this is it. Küberrünnak & Karmo, Arop, Reket, 5Miinust and DJ SFNK. It was great one, like really good open air live.

Midsummer or St. John’s Day, Jaanipäev as it is known in Estonia

Lets appreciate this photo from my this years midsummer day night…

Kardo graduates

Don’t know really how, but yeah, my bro graduated. I didn’t attend when he did grad 3 years ago, so thought maybe I should this time ? Masterchef. Knows how to make a sandwich or something.

My summer ain’t over yet. Went to Võnge yesterday (wait for next post), Chalice, Rally Estonia, Intsikurmu and I’m pretty sure something else is also cooking.

Peace !

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