Intsikurmu 2k18

Since my bank account can’t let me be at every festival all the time (dreamjob ? :D), I had this one up on my list for half a year or so already. I knew I want to attend Intsikurmu this year. Not really because of the artists (because didn’t know them back then), but because of the atmosphere I saw on last year pictures.

I’m telling you one: Add Intsikurmu 2019 to your bucketlist !
The vibe you see and feel there, it’s hard to explain, it must be felt.

I didn’t know many artists beforehand, and I suppose I wasn’t the only one. People didn’t know all the lyrics of all the songs of all the artists, but it’s okay. It gave a chance to feel the music, feel the rhythm, let the music hit you. I found many artists I sure follow up on youtube/facebook/instagram now.

One thing must be said though – Reket is a freaking legend ! I wonder if there was any crowd on the other stage that was up on same time with him. Because the area was FULL of his fans. That was lit. I even wonder why he wasn’t on a main stage ?

Foodstreet. Ooh man, a full street of foodtrucks. And no, it wasn’t way too overpriced. You got a proper streetfood for okaysh amount of money.

And not to forget Lastekurmu/Kidskurmu – a full area for kids to hang around. I so much enjoyed it myself even though I’m 24 🙂

Overall, if you like good music, good drinks/food, and good company, I highly recommend attending Intsikurmu Music Festival. You won’t be disappointed.

Full gallery up on my FB page 😉

Peace !

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