First ‘real’ post

Hello to anyone lurking around on my blog 😮

You have entered the dungeon (*read blog) of Mairo Toom (codename: EstonianWeirdo), a 23 years old male photographer from Pärnu, Estonia.

In my earlier life I have graduated from the kindergarten, secondary school and vocational training center (Business Administration). Currently working as a car driver and doing part-time photography. In a perfect world I would work as a photographer and (social media) marketer and would travel a lot.

I decided to start blogging as sometimes I feel a need to say something and blog is a good thing for that. Even if there won’t be anyone reading it, at least I said/wrote it out. I suppose in most cases, my blog posts will be about the shoots I make and the places I travel to. So basically a story of my life’s most interesting bits.

If you had to give this blog a theme, then I suppose it would be a photography/lifestyle blog. I try not to tire my blog readers with super-long posts – less random chit-chat, more pictures. But if there is something to write about, some tips, tricks, places to visit, then I will do it.

If you feel like making a comment on any of the posts in this blog, go ahead. If you feel like giving me some tips, go ahead. If you feel like you have an offer for me, go ahead, contact me.

The goal of this blog is to collect the best moments of my life and share them with the world. I have big dreams in my life and if I can share the progress of achieving them with the world, then it’s awesome 🙂

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Peace brothers !

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