Buy and win

So last Friday I bought 2 Vitamin Well+, 3 Corny’s, 4 Magija curd snacks and some “serious” food. But listed those 3 because all of those have a giveaway. Buy, register, wait 😀

Yesterday I got a message that I won a block of VW+. Heh, nice (Y). But a note to my readers – I may make a giveaway to give them away 😮 But this ain’t 100% sure. Unless they send me 2 blocks or contact with me telling they like my blog or pictures and want to co-operate.


All those 100 facebook share giveaways I decided to take part… DONE. Now just waiting for all the results to come up before I can post the results. But I can already say that I have won one thing and I will throw this also to the giveaway. This one for sure. And it’s not something bad 😉

As I am planning to get back into photographing routine, hoping to get my followers amount up a bit with that giveaway.

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