IT (2017) – Horror movie or comedy ? [Spoileralert]

Review for IT

I generally enjoyed this movie but there were a whole lot of really odd things as well. Characters in this movie generally make good decisions, something you don’t usually see in horror movies, so it felt really odd when one character was cut with a knife and instead of taking him to the hospital, they just steal some cotton and tape or whatever from the store to put on cuts.

One thing I would have liked to get some more information was the girls dad. The rapist. Why ? I wouldn’t mind, but the movie doesn’t explain it.

With all this said, I didn’t actually hate the movie. As child actors go, they got some good ones (the main 2 or 3 especially, you got to love the Italian quotes) and the creature (played by an amazing actor Bill Skarsgård) is fantastic. I loved Pennywise who was brilliantly acted and choreographed, and the score was really brilliant. Except one of the last scenes where he finally fell into the well.

Unfortunately there was only like scene or two that were scary but mostly the scares were pretty telegraphed. And we can’t considered it as a good comedy also, ’cause I got to laugh, but not enough to consider it as a comedy.

Was it a good movie ? Yes.

Was it Top Class ? Nah, not really.

But if I would need to rate it, it would get a good 7/10 from me and I recommend it.

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